Friday, April 27, 2012

Rally! Regroup! ...please?

I have the best life in the world, don't let anything I say get in the way of remembering that. However, with the ups go the downs. One thing after another has been happening this week and they are not providing me postitive emotional experiences. There are of course positive things that are happening too, but it is so easy to be overwhelmed by the fears and doubts that comes from small failures.

I want to share these things, and I called my parents to share some last night, but my parents are dealing with enough stuff that trumps my problems they don't want to hear about my minor issues. Since I feel the desperate need to say something, I'm not sure why either, here we go. There was in incident at work, I'm not in trouble, in fact it's the kind of thing that gets people promoted, but it left me with an uncomfortable feeling. One of my cards has been getting declined. My lower left leg has been hurting the last few weeks and a 10k plus a fall over the hurdles made it much worse. Despite my 1. stay motivated, 2. stay healthy, 3. train hard philosophy I neglect the healthy part sometimes.

There are other things too, but I've been whinning for far too long. I'm not going to tell you everything. Although, if anyone, preferably a married person, has advice about courting a beautiful woman, I'm all ears.

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  1. I'm not married, but I will be in less than a month. You can take my advice or leave it :) The #1 key is to show that you care about your date to go to special effort, every time. Here goes Lane's 3 tips for courting a beautiful woman:

    1) Always pay for everything, every date. Don't try to impress anybody by throwing your money around. If you go on a modest date but insist on paying for everything, you're giving the message that you care about the date but too much comes off as showy or as hiding less than honorable intentions.

    2) Take a shower. Put on deodorant. Comb your hair. Brush your teeth. Put on reasonably nice clothes. Every date. True, people shouldn't really care what you look like, but again, it shows that YOU care.

    3) Avoid putting labels on things that aren't jars. The funny thing is that when people agree to put a label on their relationship, they usually don't agree on what that label means.

    The rest you should have in the bag. Be your usual, courteous, kind, generous self and if you've found the right lady, you'll be all right.


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