Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Long Road to a 5000 Meter Personal Record

In the fall of 2007, I thought I was just around the corner from breaking through in my running and running, among other things, faster than 16 minutes in the 5k. Well, it took a little bit longer than I expected, but I now have the result that says I am under. Here are the results of the race.

Since the winter and spring of 2008, the last time I was in good 5k/10k track shape so much has happened. I have PR'd at the 800m and mile as well as the half marathon and marathon. I have run around 11,000 miles and done a couple hundred workouts. It's a no brainer that I was set to PR, but until I have done it, there is doubt that I can.

Of course, in the time since I was an undergraduate in college my standards and goals have changed. I fully expect to run under 15 minutes in the not so distant future. It probably will not be this season, but it could be. Perhaps it will happen next year around this time.

For years I have viewed the 5k as my nemesis race. I don't understand how it is suppose to feel like I do other races. In the 800 or the mile the pace is pretty hard the whole way. In the 10k and half marathon the pace is hard, but relaxed. In the marathon it is just a tad uncomfortably fast. How is a 5k suppose to feel? I have no idea. It is quite hard, but it is slow enough that you can run that pace for three miles. For me at least I will be breathing hard two laps in, yet still have ten long laps to go.

Regardless, the whole point of running these races is that they will make my primary races feel much easier. Provided 2:19 remains the trials standard, that takes 16:25 5k pace eight and a half times in a row. Now that's 13 seconds per mile slower than my 5k PR instead of 7 seconds per mile. It was a very nice season opener. I look forward to racing the next several weeks!

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