Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 50

This will be rather short. It's 8:45 PM Tuesday and I want to get to bed soon.

Work went well. I struggled with the projects that I have been working on (spoiler alert). Feeling as though I made no progress. However, Friday I started the simulation that ended Monday night (yep four days hogging 32GB of RAM and 8 CPUs) and was a resounding success! I'm still smiling, actually smiling, about getting this simulation to work and give results I believe. It's a great feeling. People have applauded and cheered for less (but maybe not paid as much).

Running went well. Highlighted by my 15:44 5k race.

Coaching had it's ups and downs. The women did better than I expected, but the men did not produce great results. I really enjoyed the track meet! It is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I suppose that's why I do this.

On the investing side DHT was down a lot. On the positive side the ability to subscribe to the new equity offering started so I intend to buy more discounted shares. Also, I think I mentioned I bought Apple stock a few weeks ago for $534 or so, well, that stuff continues to skyrocket.

On the social side, since people ask, no I don't have a girlfriend. There are many reasons.

Hopefully you had a good week, because I did. My life is amazing! I am so blessed. How is it that I am able to have so much success across the board? Solving complex finite element simulations and running 5k PRs while managing to share laughs with friends and family. I don't deserve this.

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