Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Journey to Success Includes Many Failures

I am continually learning, learning, and learning more. I continue to fail and struggle and underperform. My failures mount up like the hours tick by. However, for an instant, there is a reprieve. A vindication for services rendered.

Six days after breaking 16 in the 5k for the first time, I ran another one 30 seconds slower. Oh I can figure out the reasons, over living (over training) and an invasive physical, yet the results speaks to the fragility of success. It does not stick around, it must be continually pursued.

This is as true in running as it is in engineering, as it is in relationships and anything. I had an enormous success this week with a finite element model I had been mentally wrestling with for weeks. Yet within hours of completing the puzzle, the game was over and the next puzzle began. Similarly, in a relationship work must constantly be done by all parties to increase the depth of understanding.

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