Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Diran Apelian gave a presentation today on being an engineer in the 21st century at the MTE seminar. I seems that in the early 1900s engineers were people that tinkered and made stuff, in the second half there blurred the line between scientist and engineer trying to understand harder mathematical problems and less empirical stuff. Now, it seems we engineers have to "be able to do anything". So that's where we are. Skills like ProEngineer CAD proficiency are no longer a skill because someone somewhere learned how to do it on the internet and will do it for a lot less money than we are willing to do it. So we have to be able to think outside the box and be innovators and solve the big problems. We have to be multidisciplinary entrepreneurs and actually make something. SO many people recently have gotten into finance and business but they don't really make anything. China, India, and the entire Eastern world is graduating engineers in numbers farm greater than the US and Europe. New things come from people who make things. The world order is going to change. So the choice is: is change going to happen on your terms or someone else's?

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