Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Every time I write an email to a friend or a friend of a friend or some recent acquaintance that deals with start up companies I get a tingling in my spine. It's similar to the feeling at the end of a race when I'm up near the front. It's like the feeling when I'm about to top out on a long climb and I wasn't sure I was going to make it. It's exciting.

Perhaps this whole economy is forcing me to start a company because I can't get a job despite good interviews, a good resume, a provisional patent, US citizenship, work experience, computer simulation experience, and being an Eagle Scout. Perhaps that is a good thing. Perhaps, I'm supposed to start this climbing company. Perhaps all those years of spending more and more money and time climbing are all so that I have the knowledge to know what demands there are in the climbing industry. It really makes perfect sense. I climb. I engineer. I do both fairly well. Perhaps I'm unique. Perhaps I'm the first one to have the ideas I have because I am both an engineer and a climber and I've had quite the diversity of experiences growing up. 

Now where to find $15,000+ to get crakin'...

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