Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recovering to run more

After dealing with Plantar fasciitis for a year I'm happy to have a nice respectable weekend of training again. It went like this:
8:00 AM Wake up and dress
8:15 AM Go three doors down to join about ten from the team to go to Worcester State for the CMS 5k. 
8:25 jog to Worcester State
8:40 arrive at WS after two mile warm up register and stretch
9:00 gun for the 5k goes off and we take off leading the race (tempo for us). I held back and ran with Alex most of the race. We were with Brian for a long time and Pat for a while and caught Sully as he faded back. Alex took off at the end for a 12 second PR and Brian sprinted past me at the finish line. I crossed in 17:38. It was not as easy as I would like 17:38 to feel.
9:25 jog around for 9 minutes before the workout.
9:40 line up with Alex, Todd, and Pete for the long distance workout of 2x 1200 steady (90-100 second laps), 1200 goal 5k (we decided 80s would be good enough). Splits of 5:00, 4:01, 5:00, 3:56. I was 2-5 seconds ahead on the first hard 1200 and Todd beat me by a second on the second hard 1200.
10:15 jog back to WPI to watch the mid distance runners do an 800 time trial. Along the way I decide to join in and try to beat my 2:14 PR. 
10:35 get back to my apartment and take a GU and some water and grab my spikes.
10:58 I ran one 50 meter stride. I was so stiff...
11:00 Keith yells "go" and we're off and I'm at the back of the pack. through the 400 in 65 thinking I have a chance to break 2:10 but I slowed down because I was tired. In the last 200 I managed to catch Greg and Chris who are both better 800 runners than I. I was very pleased with my kick. Final time 2:17.
11:05 run an 8 minute cool down on the turf with the other slower than 2:10 runners. 
11:30 go to RSPT (174 russel) and cook and eat chocolate chip, blueberry, and banana pancakes with eight or nine people on the team
2:50 finally convince myself to take a shower
5:00 buy new shoes and shorts at PR running. (It was tiring to run the 50 feet in the shoes I was trying on). By the way Mizuno made the perfect running shorts a few years ago but mine have holes all over the place now and nobody sells anything like it anymore.

1:10 PM head out on a 17 mile run with Pat
1:42 go through the 4 mile mark in 31:50 feeling like it was 7:20 pace
3:20 finish in 2:06 for a 7:25 average and a 6:40 last mile
3:40 eat mashed potatoes, fried egg sandwich, three orange juices, and frappauccino
4:45 try to work...


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