Friday, March 6, 2009

Calm After the Storm

In my rush to present a decent presentation yesterday I've been strung out all week. So here is it Friday and I have been unproductive, somewhat. I told my advisor about my idea for climbing equipment and a climbing equipment company and he told me to talk to the director for innovation and entrepreneurship at WPI so I did this morning. It turns out that in my dealing with one outdoor equipment manufacturer in particular I kind of dug myself in a hole. I let them see my provisional patent and signed a non disclosure agreement even though they never signed it and sent it back to me. Suspicious. So the cat is out the bag in that respect they have a year to sit on it and then if I am not pursuing it they file for a patent after my provisional patent goes away and they get the awesome idea and I get nothing. But we'll see the more time that goes on the more I become convinced that I should start my own climbing gear company. What should i name it? 

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