Thursday, March 26, 2009


I can't admit to being the greatest multitasker in the world. I'm probably even below average. However, I had a step forward last night. When I was watching Damages on FX I wanted to do something productive and I know from experience I can't read, do homework, or work on a computer and equally divide my time between the two. It's even worse when I'm talking on the phone. It's either the phone or something else not both. Anyway, last night I thought I should draw a picture for my rope solo climbing book. It worked perfectly! In one hour I drew one picture and watched the whole show. 

For those that don't know I'm writing a book on roped solo climbing because I had a hard time learning how to do it. Right now it's about 30 pages without pictures. Where do I find the time to do this? Well, it's totally on the back burner right now because I started it and did most of it in August when I was soloing a little more. My hope is to finish it before I leave for Pakistan so that I can submit it to Amazon and Google Books before I leave and perhaps make a few dollars while I'm out of the country. 

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  1. Isaiah Janzen,

    I cannot say enough how much I look up to you. I think you're the smartest person I know. You may not know everything, but you know so much about so many different things.
    When are you going to Pakistan?


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