Friday, March 6, 2009

Five reasons to start and not start a company

So let's look at the hurdles involved in me starting a business:
1. Selling a product
2. Having a product
3. Having start up money to make a product
4. Having a place to make a product
5. My own living expenses which include student loan repayment beginning in November

Let's look at the reasons I should start a business:
1. I don't have to start paying student loans until November so living expenses would be cheap
2. I don't have any dependents, so failure is not the end of the world
3. I have enough ideas to actually make money
4. I have the education to actually make this stuff
5. The Economy is PREFECT right now. If I can make it cash positive in a year or two or three then I will have options when the Dow hits 15,000 to either sell out for a few hundred thousand dollars or expand the business. How awesome would that be to be CEO of a 20 person cash positive company at age 26! Especially one that competes against the big names with hundreds of employees. Ok enough of that, now I'm just dreaming.

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