Saturday, March 7, 2009

Human Powered Awesomeness!

I did a human powered training workout today for Pakistan. The idea has been floating around my apartment for a month or so of cycling to Mt. Wachusett and hiking up then taking a ski run and riding back to Worcester. Last night Russ and I were sitting around watching a movie talking about the 55 degree day ahead. Since I had lent my van out to the outing club officers to take a first aid course in New Hampshire I was car-less and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to cycle, hike, ski, cycle. After strapping my skis, boots, and poles to my pack last night I got dressed in Pearl Izumi triathlon shorts and Patagonia supershirt and had Russ video me a little and off I went. It was not comfortable because my 60L CiloGear work sack's stay is bent to be comfortable when I'm hiking not bent over my handle bars so it rested a little uncomfortably in the middle of my spine. I also had so many people stare at me. It was great because if there was more than like 2 seconds of eye contact I waved. Nobody waves out here in New England usually but I got so many waves. It was great everyone I talked to was really supportive of my human powered trip. After the short half mile hike I skied down the blue on the right as you ski down the mountain. When I got to the road I went off piste down the snow covered road a little bit more and hiked a little uphill to my bike. The ride back was a little tough. My engine was pretty much running on empty after only a powerbar gel and starbucks frappachino in the last 7 hours and my biking shorts didn't have enough padding and the spot on my back the backpack rested was not feeling great. So I didn't do the workout for track we were supposed to do today. I think I'll do it tomorrow and then a really long cool down and get the benefits of workout and long run. 

I want to be the strongest member of the team on G2 this summer, at least physically. My big mountain experience I know is lacking. I also watched the video of the 1993 American G2 expedition it was pretty interesting. Crazy to see the route I will be climbing. I've dealt with more exposure in the past rock climbing but this route, even though it is the standard route, is no joke. 

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