Sunday, March 29, 2009

Qualifying standards

Yesterday was the Worcester City Track Meet. Both WPI men and women won the meet. They had the unusual event of a 10,000 meter foot race. 25 laps of fun! We were trying to break 34 to qualify for New Englands. We had to average like 81.6 second laps or something to make it. I led us out in 76 then we basically ran 81s for four miles and then some 82 and an 83 or so. With eight laps to go we had to run it in 11:00 and at that point I thought we had it. Four laps to go we had to do 5:30, two laps 2:47 and then I really knew we had it. Duffty and I traded leads the whole race until with about five laps left I took the lead and gapped him by 20 meters but he made it up in the last 400 or 600 and beat me by two seconds. On the last lap people were yelling "you need an 80 second lap!" However, I was pretty coherent and knew I only needed an 84 and I picked it up anyway so there was no need to worry. Final time: 33:55.42.

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