Monday, February 22, 2016

I Live in Iowa: Week 243

It was a nice week this past week. I just ran my second 70 mile week in the last 16 months. WOOHOO!! 70 miles per week is when things really start to click, that's when I feel my fitness really coming around. Injuries are not fun. Let us hope I can keep this positive momentum. I did a long run, almost 20 miles, the longest long run I have done in quite some time. Also a little fartlek in there. Not to mention I went cross country skiing and ice climbing too this past week. No pictures, sorry, I was solo for that stuff Monday night at Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin.

Speaking of Monday... As I mentioned before, my uncle Denis died a week and a half ago. His viewing was Sunday and the funeral was Monday. Wow, talk about emotional. This is the first person in my parents generation to die. I have my parents and then three aunts and three uncles, well now two uncles. He was 65 and 11 months old. It is just so close to home.
My first time being a pall bearer, but probably not the last.
I worry for my aunt and my cousins, their life has changed, and will change. It will not be easy. Please pray for my family.

Work was good. I wasn't in the office Monday, and my generous coworkers signed a card expressing their sympathies. I know it was not a big deal for them to sign their names, but it means a lot to me. Men are often bad at expressing sympathy, and a card is a nice little way to say without words, 'I get it.'

Tuesday I was scheduled to fly down to Tulsa and drive to Kansas, but my original flight had a mechanical so they rebooked me on a different flight. Then that flight was delayed getting out of Chicago, so we waited again. Then that flight had a mechanical, actually a low hydraulic accumulator, so we deplaned, and I decided to drive to Kansas. I only had about four hours of sleep Tuesday night, before waking up before dawn to finish the drive. My meetings went well, very well. Then I flew back to Moline Wednesday night uneventfully.

Finally a little more excitement for the week, I went to an indoor track meet at UD Friday night and watched a couple people I know set personal records, and even a school record. On Saturday I went to Deadpool and then grilled at a friend's house before playing a board game for two hours. When I list all of the stuff off, it amounts to a pretty packed week.

My hope for the near future is no more deaths in the family for a bit.

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