Monday, February 8, 2016

I Live in Iowa: Week 241

This was another good week. What are some of the highlights?

Work went quite well. It was unfortunately a busy week, not a great week for warranty claims. It's funny, statistically, three failures in one week, out of a population of 800, from three different causes doesn't mean much, but it sure raises emotions. That wasn't the good part of work.

I had a direct conversation with my supervisor about my career. I tend to let things (problems) build, until they become legitimate problems. Wanting to avoid conflict, I think many of us do that. Then it all comes to a head and what we get upset about, is only a small part of the reason we are upset. It is good to have those conversations. The icing on the cake was Friday, most people were out of the office, so it was quiet, and I had a full day to get work done. Usually I am just bouncing from one fire to another, and having a chuck of time to sit there and work through actual design is really nice.

Running was okay, 46 miles, running all seven days. I did my first workout in weeks, maybe months. It was 2x2 miles with a 10 minute jog between, and I averaged just under 6 minute pace, which I will take at this level of fitness, in fact, it was slightly better than I feared it might be.

A few weeks ago I bought a Garmin FR235, and I like it, you can be sure I will post a review of it in the next few weeks after I have some time to learn more about it.

Saturday, I went ice climbing! Governor Dodge State park is just an hour away, I knew they had bouldering, but I didn't know they had ice climbing. One of my climbing partner friends just shelled out for ice tools ($200 a piece!) and he suggested we go. I do have eight ice axes and ice tools, but no real set of ice tools. It was a good afternoon!
Stephen's Falls at Governor Dodge State Park Wisconsin

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