Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Unwilling to Rest

I didn't run today. It's always a hard thing to admit, to live through. However, last night on my run I twinged my left shin. It hurt. I was walking slowly around the house so that I would not aggregate it. This morning it hurt too. Walking around the office even hurt! Then somehow this afternoon it quit hurting and I feel fine this evening. It is strange how "injuries" come and go. I could say I have neglected shin ups for six weeks, but then why am I healed so fast?

I think sometimes we just hit our limit and that's it for the day. A sort of short term exhaustion on a local level, just affecting one muscle or tendon. Kind of overuse, but more of a temporary nature. So every difficult exercise tears muscles on a microscopic level, and they repair as we sleep and rest and eat. Some days I think we just tear a few too many muscle fibers. 

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