Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Live in Iowa: Week 242

The big news of the week is my uncle died on Thursday. He was a few weeks shy of his 66th birthday. He had Esophageal cancer that was discovered in September. Cancer... it's a killer.

It's been over four years since my grandma died, and this is the first person in my parents generation to pass. It's close to home.

Work was really nice this past week. Most of the time the past year I have been bouncing from one fire to the next, fortunate to get maybe six hours a week to work on designing anything. This week I spent 20+ hours designing in Creo, our CAD software. I didn't get a whole lot done thanks to learning how to use SAP, but progress is progress. I also came up with an idea for the next generation of the project I am working on.

Running went well, a nice medium long run and light workout, 56 miles total. A total that I have racked up in three days before is a good week at this point. 

Saturday I went ice climbing at Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin and had a great time! All the pictures are on my friend's camera, but it was a good day out for sure. Plus, with the sun out it felt far warmer than 11 degrees Fahrenheit. 

One step at a time.

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