Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 180

Last week was Thanksgiving here in the US and I went up to Minnesota for a few days to see my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my immediate family. It was really nice! Time spent talking, and time spent sleeping. It's amazing how by the second day (Friday) without my normal schedule I was bored. Plus, that includes sleeping 11 hours the night before. I could maybe use a dose of moderation in my life, take work a little less seriously so that I don't crash everytime I have a little break from work. Well, that's probably not going to happen. In everything I do, I seem to do it seriously. Sometimes, when I'm not at work on vacations or the weekend I feel like my brain just is turned down. I sleep longer and I'm tired after doing nothing.

Work was good. I finished quite a few things in the short week. In fact, it was pretty amazing really. I had my annual performance review and it was better than I expected! Then we do profit sharing and I thought because of the recent downturn in one of our markets that the annual bonus would be small, and it was not small at all! Finally, and it's official, I did my last week in my old job. This week started a new job. I can talk about that later.

Running did not go well. My leg is healing but not healing as well as I was hoping. I ran maybe 20 miles all week. I haven't even logged my runs. Now that I have withdrawn from CIM, I'm not motivated to do it anytime soon. I will say this, injury serves to stoke the fires of motivation for me. having something go really well, then go terribly, just before the finsh makes me hungry to have it go well in the future.

Yep, vacation was good.

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