Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Faucet Design

ERRR! They did it again, yet another faucet that I hit my hands against the sink while washing.
A Faucet, and I Don't Have Large Hands
I realized a couple months ago that one of the reasons I like my kitchen sink and bathroom sink, and kitchen and bathroom as a whole in my apartment, is that the sinks have faucets that extend well over the edge. Seriouly, three inches is not enough, I want at least 100 mm between that water coming out, and the back of the faucet. For some reason soaping up my hands and then rubbing them on the sink bowl just never struck me as the best way to clean my hands.

It's funny, once I started thinking about this, sink design that is, it has become more interesting. My preference is a hot and cold knob, with clearance between the spout and bowl. Simple, effective. How many times on the single knob designs do you play with it to make sure hot is still on the left and cold on the right? Half the time hot and cold sides aren't even labeled? What about those shower designs were you just rotate the knob? You don't get to choose between temperature and flow rate! Why hotels put those in is beyond me.

A hot knob and a cold knob, it's old, but it works. Sometimes we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

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