Monday, December 1, 2014

I Despise Injuries.

Oh I don't want to talk about my leg right now, I don't have anything good to say. Before this week is out you will hear a lot more about it. Injuries are no fun. I have them because I am stubborn and push myself to the line and sometimes across the line. Marathon training is the worst too. The pace is too fast to really talk but so long it really wears your out. Shorter races don't take more than a few days to recover from. Longer races or events may take weeks, but then again you are maybe out there running for 10+ hours. The problem with specifc training is that it is hard! Yes I can run 10 miles in 59 minutes or 20 miles in 2:07 and not think anything of it because those aren't that impressive of a workout, but the sheer volume of those type of workouts necessary to run a good marathon puts at least me at greater risk of injury. I suppose if my goals were easy I would have done them already.

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