Monday, December 8, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 181

I'm writing this from my hotel somewhere in central easern Germany, although I think technically it was part of West Germany. That being said, the wall came down 25 years ago, and I'm not sure there is a differenance any more. By the way, why did all of my ancestors from Germany settle in central and southern Wisconsin and Minnesota? Because Germany seems to have exactly the same terrain and climate. I'm not joking. They even have a bunch of deere stands here too!

It was an up and down week. You heard enough about my injury, so I'll spare you reading me rehash the details. However, once I made the decision not to race CIM, my left side IT band hurt a little for a couple days and then my right foot plantar didn't feel good either. Maybe phantom pains of a body relaxing, but maybe injuries that were waiting to happen.

What?! Pandora is not available in Germany?!

Work went well, I mean, I started my new job, and only did a little reading on my new duties, but I ended up getting a trip to Germany out of it, which is awesome!

Saturday I went skiing at Chestnut over by Galena, IL. Lift tickets are only $20 until December 14th, so take it while you can still afford it! It was great, kind of funny though, I went with the two guys I rock climbing with. You would think we could convince others to rock climb and ski with us, but alas, it is actually rather difficult.

Saturday night I went to a hockey game for the Dubuque Fighting Saints. It's a junior amaetur league that oftens has players go into D1 hockey or occassionally the NHL. While maybe I should mourn the loss of the home team, the Tri-City Storm's goalie had a whopping 42 saves! That's really good. I don't know if they were poor shots, but I've never seen a goalie save so many of the goals.

I'll take it, another week in the books. While it was not fun to sit out of a race I have been working toward for a couple months, I'm just about healthy now. Had I raced a marathon yesterday, I would not be. I would like to do a lot of racing in 2015, and I'm going to need to be very recovered.

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