Friday, December 27, 2013

Westward Ho!

It is not that I like last minute planning, but I am not good at sitting still. So I am taking off from Wisconsin later today for Dubuque and then Colorado! The plan is to be out there most of next week and get at least one full day of skiing and two days of steep snow and ice climbing. I have contacted a number of my friends out there but in case anyone else will be in the area and wants to go skiing or climbing, let me know.

I am thinking of doing an easy couloir on Flattop in Rocky Mountain National Park and then perhaps Dreamweaver on Meeker for the ice climbing side of things. It will depend on conditions when I get up there. It is not surprise that I am looking for Alpine Ice 2, Class 4, Grade II-III climbing which will be exactly what I expect to encounter on Everest. As for skiing, I've skied Copper Mountain, Winter Park, Berthod Pass, Loveland Pass, and St. Mary's Glacier. While I am open to skiing those places again, I would be more interested in something else, and preferably backcountry although I can pay for a lift ticket if others prefer.

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