Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Plush Are Your Luxuries?

Wow! It has chocolate and coffee and some milk. Not only does it taste really good the caffeine gives me a kick to get going! It's awesome, and it only costs $4!

Those are the rough thoughts in my head before I order a mocha or any other latte. For me, still, five years after first starting to drink coffee of any sort, I still get excited at the prospect of drinking a cup of coffee. It is a huge luxury for me. At least in my head it is clearly a luxury. I certainly was just fine before I drank coffee and lattes, my life is only marginally different now. I spend more time at coffee shops than I did before. That is another luxury, a coffee shop. The thought that there is a place you can go and sit down and leech wireless Internet for three hours for a $2 cup of coffee while in the company of others, astounding.

I can't place my finger on exactly what event or events led me to think of a coffee shop and $4 mocha as huge luxuries. Maybe it was seeing the poverty in Costa Rica, Pakistan, Indonesia, or Rwanda. Maybe it was growing up relatively poor when going out to eat meant the luxury of McDonald's. I still view a nice piece of clothing as a well fitting new piece of clothing, even if it cost $8 at Gap. My view on plush luxuries versus normal versus the cheap alternative must not be normal. Honestly, I still feel I live the life of a college grad student.

There is no advice today. No witty conclusion about viewing the world better. No, the uncomfortable question you get to leave with is, "how plush are your luxuries?"

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