Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Give Directly

Returning from Africa it has been a bit of a struggle to understand what can be done to alleviate the health issues and lack of prosperity. The feeling is: whatever I can do, it will not be enough to make a change anywhere close to the prosperity I enjoy. The truth is really: whatever I can do will will help. When I think of the $2500 I spent on the week I know that a better use of the money would be just to send it to people living in poverty in Africa. However, part of the reason I had to go was to share the experience with the 65% of Americans that do not have a passport. If I don't tell people how good they have it, how will they ever know? While the pictures and videos never capture the smell or the taste or the ambience, they show the shoe-less feet and weathered faces. The pictures show the living conditions and lack of infrastructure.

While I have not decided exactly what I will do to change the world in Africa Planet Money had a nice piece about a charity that gives money directly, named Give Directly, to the people who need it most. In short, the most direct way to give charity. Talk about low overhead, you only need a name a cell phone number. In short, if you are looking to make a difference in Africa, this is as good as a place as any to send your money: http://www.givedirectly.org/

Lest anyone think I am doing this haphazardly I will be highlighting several different charity options in the future including specific charities that I will be doing fundraising endurance events for. The idea of feeding a starving kid will probably help me run harder at the end of a marathon.

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  1. Give Directly's work should, at the very least, influence how other non-profits operate. Although many people seem determined to find a silver bullet for all the problems in disadvantaged communities, a solution is not going to be found in one certain technique, process or approach. GD will undoubtedly run up against their own limitations but will have done some good work along the way.

    Thanks for dedicating some space to this issue and good luck with your running!


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