Thursday, August 29, 2013

Would You Sacrifice Any Comfort?

As a serious and semi-successful athlete I sacrifice comfort and miss opportunities all the time. It is nearly impossible to get me to stay out past nine or ten on the weekends. I spend time sleeping and laying on my couch that could be spent out socializing. I go running instead of the group rock climbing trip. Being vegan has really changed my perspective of what others are willing to sacrifice. From immediate comfort to paychecks to a three bed-two bath house, it seems people do not want to sacrifice much. Perhaps most would given the right dire circumstances, but few seem to do it with the eager willingness of an athlete.

I'm not suggesting that everyone quits their jobs to move to Africa to train as runners full time or be vegan or work multiple jobs, rather if there is just one thing you want to be better at, and if there is something else you can sacrifice to be better at that one thing, wouldn't it be a good trade?

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