Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Java Dreams and Hot and Spicy

Java Dreams on University in Dubuque closed Sunday. The family than ran it for years is moving to Port Townsend, Washington, where they will have a blast. It is the only place I know that had white espresso. Their "white coffee dream" was amazing! Similarly earlier in the summer down the street on University Hot and Spicy, the only Indian restaurant in town closed. The owner had another business somewhere else to attend. Earlier another place on University, the Athenian Grill, closed for food safety violations. It was a Greek place I actually never even tried.

The point is in two months two of my favorite food establishments in Dubuque closed. Two of the few places that offered something alternative to hamburgers, slabs of animals, and pasta.

Dubuque is an old town. One that moves slowly. While that means nice old buildings and great trails and wilderness to run on, it also means that diversity, such as white espresso or hyderabadi biryani, can be lacking. 

I will miss the people that made this place even more attractive to live. Although I am sure they are having a great time in their new locations.

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