Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What if this Long Shot Works?

What if this-thing-that-is-supposed-to-fail actually succeeds? What if our hair brained, Hail Mary, last chance, lottery odds plan succeeds? What if it works? Are we prepared for success to exceed our expectations?

All too often we set the bar low to guarantee getting over it, or set the bar high and guarantee failure. What if you set the bar high, and get over it? What if you happen to high jump higher than anyone in history ever has? Are you ready for that kind of success? To be better at your art than anyone who has attempted that art ever has been? To breakthrough the science that the scientists did not comprehend?

On the odd chance this works, go with it. Do not take it for granted. Share the wealth. Pay it forward. Learn from your success and change the world. There are starving people that would kill for the opportunities you have every day, Somali pirates among them.

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