Monday, August 26, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 120

The more tired I am the shorter these posts get.

Work went great. I am quite fortunate to have the career that I do. I solve problems and make things better. From more fuel efficient to more durable, I do both, every day.

Coaching was limited, but I did some. The new cross country season is starting! A number of bright young faces to learn about and help develop. Thankfully many returners as well.

Running was great! I ran 103 miles including three workouts, all good. Kind of failed on my Saturday long run to do 20 miles in 1:58, fell apart last five miles and ran 2:03. Only a 6:10 pace average for 20 miles... Still the best long run I have had since 2011.

Also spent some time working out at the winery. Will be out there this coming weekend, and then that's about it for some time. The school year coaching now takes my time.

Other than that I watched this short video about the Outdoor Research Tiny House twice. Less than five house of watching media this past week for sure.

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