Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Don't Even Know What is Unusual

Between my world travels, the United States included, and the people I have met in my various endeavors, I no longer "know" what is unusual. What is normal in one location is crazy in another. For example, everybody has a car?! In most of the world that is just ludicrous. It is certainly not normal to have a car. In other parts of the world it is normal for children to skip school to get water or help their parents farm, while in other parts of the world that would probably end with law enforcement.

I aim to try and eliminate the word "normal" from my vocabulary. What is normal? Who knows!? Trying to define the "normal" seems to just be a destructive path for the people on the ends. Those that are not "normal" suffer because they are not "normal". If there was no normal, there would no longer be the stigma and outcast from being part of a non-existent group. In other words, we, and I mean I here, need to welcome those not welcomed by the majority. Again, there is no one else.

Except for the White People, This is a "Normal" African Market
A "Normal" Cab Stand, and a "Normal" Lady Carrying Her Shopping Home

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