Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 114

Another very busy week. The week started on Sunday with a 6 AM run, church and a trip to Des Moines for the USATF Championships. I had never been to a track championship before, and I was given a couple free tickets by a friend a few days before so I went. It was amazing! This too deserves it's own article, complete with pictures.

The week flew by in a flurry of finite element problems to work through and physical machine issues to correct. This is how it goes I suppose. Part of the verification process is a team of people trying every which way to break the product. 

I only ran 55 miles but I bicycled as well. No big workouts, mostly recovery from the long run last Saturday. Speaking of bicycling I had a blessing in a flat tire. I was 20 miles west of Dubuque going down a hill at over 40 mph and I saw a break in the asphalt about 1.5 inches high across the whole lane. There was a truck behind me so I didn't want to swerve into the opposite lane so I hit the lip of the asphalt and immediately popped my front tire. It was the kind of situation that takes bicycles down so I was careful to take a nearly strait line and apply the brakes so that I didn't fall over. I successfully slowed to the edge of the road and fearing I had a double flat I was fortunate to only have my front tire flat. I changed it, despite some whistling frome the valve when it was frozen, after several bursts of CO2 it inflated and stayed up for the next 15 miles. By then it was raining and I stopped at a friend's house for a ride home. An eight mile run and 43 mile bicycle ride is enough for one day. 

I also worked out at the winery Friday and Saturday. It is such a change compared to engineering. I thoroughly enjoy it, to the extent that I can fit everything else in my life I want to do. I realize, seeing the owners there nearly all the time, that regardless of the business it will take a substantial amount of work. 

A busy week indeed. I have some longer articles in the queue that I will polish up before jetting to Rwanda for a week. One article is over 2500 words, it's huge.

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