Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Are Too Kind

While in Rwanda every meal was an event. The red carpet was rolled out every time us mzungos were there. It was embarrassing at times. It was humbling and sad too. How much did all this extra food cost? Why do this for me? I am not an overly generous person, I have not helped make your life better. Yet they cooked enormous meals for us.
Cooking for the Celebration
Using pots and kettles so big only an industrial kitchen would have those kind of resources, they cooked for us. They have us their best food, they killed the goat, perhaps even actually, to celebrate us. 
Preparing Bananas
Beans and vegetables and rice and meat and all manner of calories, tens of thousands of calories prepared for us when others were hungry. 

Is it better to be blessed and not know it or know just how blessed one is? I don't deserve this, any of this. Knowing that I enjoy what others do not honestly makes it harder to enjoy my luxuries. It is good that I become less materialistic, and in short, that is kind of the point. Life is about relationships, not possessions. The more one sees that, the more one can align with that idea. 


  1. It seems like your trip has had a huge impact on you. Crying a lot, feeling guilty for what you have, etc. It's a shame that as yet, you have not mentioned volunteering your time for the needy or donating a percentage of your income to others. Get off the stick and do something!

  2. Well said!
    Too bad the person who made the other comment does not know you. Besides teaching a youth Sunday School class, going on several mission trips, being a guide to other individuals, working for nothing, etc...

  3. Geez, all of that really helps the people in Africa. My mistake!


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