Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I am going Vegan for August

Well, here we go! I am doing this 90% to lose weight, even just a couple pounds could be the difference between a highly satisfying marathon and a not so satisfying run. I am doing this 10% because if everyone in the world ate the meat and animal products that Americans eat, the world could not feed itself. I am not doing this for the animals.

I have been reducing my meat consumption for years so it was really a matter of time before I have vegan a try. Why not just do vegetarian? I have done that before and the truth is, milk and eggs and cheese contain more fat, especially saturated fat, than I need. Those products also tend to be higher in salt content, which raises blood pressure. Another reason is vegan will be a challenge. I enjoy challenging myself and my diet has not been very interesting lately. 

As for what will I eat? Actually, it will be similar to what I already eat, pastas and vegetables, nuts and more emphasis on beans. In fact, I am looking forward to new recipes and new foods. Did you know aloe vera is a fruit you can drink?

The first challenge is bread. There are vegan breads out there, but I don't think they exist at my Hy-Vee. I will likely eat a lot of "salsa" although after I finish adding ingredients it's more diverse and heavy than most salads. This will certainly be an interesting month of experimenting.
Cucumber, Corn, Mushroom, Blueberry, Cilantro, Sunflower Seed Salsa

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