Monday, July 22, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 115

This was a busy week. I did not have a chance to do laundry and I ended up sleeping and working more than I expected.

Work was work, getting back into the rhythm after vacation. I will not lie, I was not terribly productive this week. I feel it is good to be honest about my productivity because it goes up and down and learning from those fluctuations can help me be more productive. For example, I spent more time reading this week than I ever have before, maybe only an hour, and during lunch time, but I've never done that before. Having been there, and within 12 miles of the fighting in Congo it has new meaning for me. I have seen the issues Africa has. It resonates with me more. Thus it took away from my productivity a little. Secondly, it was hot out, I make trips out to our testing areas and manufacturing areas to check on the progress of different programs, and the heat kind of took it out of me walking around in 90 degree Fahrenheit sunlight. That may be unavoidable, but it meant more trips to the water fountain and a little more time getting focused at my air-conditioned desk after a ten minute sweaty walk. Regardless, my productivity was not terrible.

I ran 72 miles and bicycled 64 miles, including a number of Strava KOMs and personal bests. I have been losing a little weight so I go up the hills alright. Running I had a nice 20 miler at 6:46 pace and a short hills workout for quality. I'm not too concerned about quality right now as long as I get the mileage, long runs, and a little bit of fast leg turnover. I think I will be announcing my fall marathon this week.

I worked the weekend at the winery. It's a great place to hang out, but it does get tiring. Saturday I ran 20 miles, went out for breakfast and had two mochas (coffees), because the first was so good, then ran another five miles before working a six hour shift at the winery. My legs were dead Saturday night and Sunday morning! They are still tired!

While I feel some impetuous to differentiate my weeks, this was pretty standard. I am incredibly fortunate to have the job that I do, to have the physical abilities I do, to have the family and friends support system I have. I am blessed.

I mean, I could be this guy carrying 15 mattresses around. I'd like to see an American try this.
Carrying 15 Mattresses

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