Monday, July 29, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 116

It was a busy week. A lot of work, a lot of running. The work, there are quite a few projects to do at the moment. It is interesting, I felt, and I think many feel, after struggling through engineering school that after solving a number of problems, we will have solved all the problems and move on to more difficult problems. While that is true in the long run, it takes decades of work by tens to even thousands of people. That is the nature of work, it takes effort.

Running was a great 101 miles for the week including a somewhat hard 22 miler on Saturday at 6:29 pace average. One of the challenges of marathon training is that I would like to have a person bicycle along with me on long runs with a water bottle so that I could practice drinking, and also push the pace without worrying about running out of energy before the finish. However, it's nearly impossible to find a person. I even offered to pay someone this past weekend and still no takers!

In closing, I'm going to pass 300,000 miles on my Toyota Previa this week! Kind of amazing that after years of hoping to get to this point, I am only days away. The value of a 300,000 mile vehicle must be more than average, and for this blessing I am thankful.
299,900 Miles on my Toyota Previa!

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