Monday, July 8, 2013

First Day in Rwanda

A rather busy start to the adventure. After arriving around 9 PM we ate dinner at our new friend's, Jean Claude's, house. After 11:30 PM we arrived at ALARM the unity center and went to sleep! The next morning, Sunday, I woke up and went for a 4.6 mile run on the street to the cheers of "mzungo!" After breakfast we made it to church for the last two hours of a 2:45 service. The choir, all three actually, were quite good. Then we had another grand meal around 3 PM after trying to get some phones and SIM cards. We spent most of the day at JC's house before stopping by a rental property, which felt half a step above a slum, but I've never been to an actual slum so I don't know. Now I sleep again, before getting up again to run Kigali.

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