Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When is a Message Overplayed?

I'm tired. You have all heard that before. How many times can I relate that before people quit caring? I don't want to know. My whole life I am going to be tired. I just can not live with myself if I am not giving life my everything. I am pretty terrible about resting.

This isn't just about me being tired, although that is the immediate issue, this is about overplaying something. Whether that is a pop song, burger commercial or Galaxy S6 advertisement it doesn't really matter. At some point the message gets annoying.

This strikes me from two separate direction. On the one hand is the fad, the burger, new phone, and pop song. The item is exciting for a few weeks or months, or perhaps just minutes before it is no longer interesting. This is the repetitive selling message that advertisers thrust in our faces over and over until purposely plan not to buy it. (Or we are subconsciously seduced into thinking that we need it to fulfill some unmet need in our life. Muhaha!)

On the other hand is the message we can not get enough of. The person quietly perfecting his art. The wisdom that seemingly continuously offers us new insight. This message does not ever get overplayed. To those that this message speaks to there is never enough.

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