Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Going to Win a Marathon and Set the Course Record

The Run 4 Troops Marathon takes place on my favorite place to run, Heritage Trail. I do so many long runs out there, especially on Saturday mornings, that I figured I might as well pay $65 and run the race to have a couple tables of water along the way and some people to run with. Then I decided since I was running, I might as well set the course record, which is 3:15 for an individual and 2:52 for a team relay. I should be able to cruze in under 2:50 without too much trouble. It is downhill the whole way. I split a 2:54 marathon out there in April 2011 during a 30 mile run, and I have gotten in much better shape since then. However, I did struggle to run a 16 mile run at 6:50 pace this past weekend, so I have my work cut out for me the next two weeks.

Anyone in the Dubuque area, come out, organize a team, try and beat me. Do you think your team can run 2:49 or better? Or maybe you can? Well, I've only run two official marathons so I'm still a little new to this game. I'll even tell you my strategy, negative split it, the first couple miles at 7 minutes per mile pace and get faster after that. Regardless of what happens I want to have some people to chase down.

Come on, come out and race me. Or come out and watch, I'll probably go out for a big lunch after if anyone would like to join.

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