Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 113

I'm still exhausted. Last week I worked a lot. There is plenty of work to do and things happening to see that I just spent quite a few more than 40 hours at work. I suppose that having work interesting enough to warrant more time at work is a good thing, at least to a point.

There was quite a bit of running on the legs this past week. The highlight is really running a 2:47:51 marathon Saturday morning and setting the course record in the process. I will talk about this more with a full rundown later.

Saturday afternoon, after winning a marathon, I went rock climbing. The purpose was training for the Hilary Step. I feel it will be akin to running a marathon then going rock climbing, so that's what I did in practice. It was a substantial mental hurdle.

The week was packed! It was great! Things are getting done, problems getting solved, and my fitness is on the upswing. It was a good week.

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