Friday, June 21, 2013

Running a Marathon Tomorrow

I am running the Run4Troops Marathon tomorrow. Considering my sickness last week I had my doubts about how it would go. However, I have gotten somewhat better since then, so I feel okay again. The goal is to run under 2:50 to set the team relay record which now stands at 2:52. The individual record if 3:15.

While I am not 100% healthy the day before I am quite confident that even if I have a pretty bad day it will still go in less than 3:05. My expectation with that kind of time is that I would win and set the record. Hopefully sub 2:50 is in the cards without destroying my body, but the last few miles are always a little unknown.

The plan is the first two miles warm-up around 7 minute pace, the next eight miles around 6:40 pace, the next six around 6:20 pace, then hopefully a pace variation tempo the last 10(.2) miles alternating 5:40s and 6:10s. That would give me 2:46-47 total time, but we'll see how it goes. My fitness is on the upswing but again, those last few miles are hard to predict what will happen.

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