Thursday, June 13, 2013

And Over the Line

Woke up with a rather sore throat this morning. The reason, over stressed physically, typically called over training, but I don't believe in over training, so I call it over living.

Tuesday I hammered a 20 mile run after work. Maybe not hammered per se, but certainly not a relaxed jogging pace. After two hours, running another 6:45 mile when I am ill conditioned does not help my immune system.

This is the process, approach the over doing it line, back away and try to absorb everything. The positive side of this is that a 20 miler in 2:14 this time of the cycle is as good as I ever have done one. Also, as I get older I know enough to blame my sore throat on running too hard and too far instead of spicy Indian food.

Building mileage, or getting into shape, is the hardest part of a training program. Even though I have run a number of 120+ mile weeks, I will probably be in the 70s or 80s this week, yet it is tearing me apart. You can't really build quality and quantity at the same time. At least, I can't.

Quick tangent here, in the odd case that I die or get sent to the hospital in a coma while running, keep me on life support for a week and pull the plug. If whatever afflicts me is something with a high chance of medical cure (25%+), like I just need some saline or potassium because I passed out from serious heat stroke, then do it and get me healthy again! But, in the odd chance I have stage four pancreatic cancer and I'm in a coma, don't spend the time and effort. This death comment is spurred by Seth's blog post today.

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