Friday, June 7, 2013

A Haircut Metaphor

I had my hair cut Thursday, yesterday. A haircut is a good metaphor for life. Removing the old and allowing room for the new. Reducing the maintenance associated with superfluous possessions (using less shampoo is like using less heat for a smaller house).

The Grandview Gallop is tomorrow and my mileage is almost up to "serious training" levels, it was time to get serious. Plus, when the hair is flopping up and down on my neck as I run, it's too long.

In short, my life could use a haircut. A refocusing on the important things instead of more distractions. I'm going to run a marathon in October and I had better be as fit and as fast as I can be, which is more than I ever have been. I have enough stuff, no new toys this summer. Maybe I will even sell one of my bicycles.

I must continually prune away the distractions so that the few things I excel at can shine. The silver medalist will always wonder, what little sacrifice could I have made to prevail over one more person? Similarly, in every market there is a leader and they don't overlap much.

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