Monday, June 3, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 110

I mentioned Wednesday I am tired, well, that about describes the week. I started off Sunday at 6 AM. That's an indication it is going to be a long week. Sunday I usually sleep in until 7 or 7:15. However, I had to get up and run before church before I drove down to a wedding in Peoria, IL. The wedding was quite interesting, only four of us attending the wedding are part of the couple's current daily acquaintances. The other 146 or so were family or friends from the past. As I thought about it, that is the way most weddings seem to be. Yet, it is a strange way to celebrate. Why mostly the past? What about the present and future?

Memorial Day we drove back after stopping at the Caterpillar headquarters and struggling to find an open coffee shop. Peoria felt silent Monday morning. Every downtown is different, yet some feel alive and others not so alive. Maybe it was just the holiday or summer break from college, but it did not feel so alive at 9 AM Memorial Day.
Hipster, Yuppie, Hippie, Intellectual, You Decide (Off to the Left Inside the Building is a Wheel on a 797)
The week went by quickly. In a blaze of working and running I didn't do much else. In fact, I really need to do my laundry. I have all week. I'm getting to the clothing that I only wear every six weeks when I am too lazy to wash the clothing I prefer to wear.

Mentioning my week at work, a couple things of interest happened. First, a big stage of an even bigger project we were/are working on finished on schedule! That doesn't always happen, but it did happen. Even more impressive was that on day four we were two days behind schedule on a plan that back heavy. Second, I did something this week no one has ever done before. They have done similar things, but not the same.

I hope you did your laundry this week, I know I would sure like to.

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