Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You Have Problems Too?!

In the last week I have heard friends and acquaintances tell me of their various issues. I normally live in my closed off microcosm and feel that the issues affecting me only affect me. In other words, it's no big deal so I'm not pushing for any change.

Then I hear what afflicts others in my circles, and I am blown away. The "issues" that afflict me are far greater than I imagined. I only experience a tiny portion of the larger problem. The scale of problems is unbelievable.

What is the next step after recognizing a larger issue? I suppose I might just be the one to do something about it. I mean when I hear about an issue from several sides maybe it is because I am perfectly placed to confront the issue. I hope not because that confrontation is way out of my comfort zone. Alas, it will probably end up being me anyway. Regardless the past week has been eye opening. I figured you all had problems, because everyone has problems, I just didn't think some of us had the same problems.

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