Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't Be Weak

Sometimes you must suffer. Excuses and complaining just do not get work done. Whatever it is you do, at some point it will be uncomfortable. It will be hard. Others who started with you will quit. You will feel alone. This is how it must be.

A legacy is not built in a game winning basket or a quotable last sentence of the presentation. The winner is not crowned at a banquet. The race is not won on a sunny day in May. No, the best are working while the rest sleep. The leaders are struggling and figuring the game out while the followers procrastinate. The successful are busy failing so that they can figure out the one method that works best.

I ran five miles alone in 30 degree Fahrenheit weather with 20 mph winds tonight at 8:00 pace after everyone else went inside. At mile 24 in a marathon that will matter. Closing the last half mile in a 5k I will be stronger. It was not "fun". I constantly slipped on the ice and my face was stinging from the wind. There are no excuses for me. If I want what I want then five miles alone on ice in February might be what it takes.

Don't be weak. Sure we all have weaknesses. We all have issues and deficiencies we can not conquer on our own. But for so many things we have only the fear of failure holding us back. The fear of being more worn out than we ever have before now. The fear of ruining the relationship at its current level not the fear of taking the relationship to the next level.

I tried to do single leg squats after my run tonight. I did ten on each leg with only 30lb weights in each hand and I collapsed on the nearest inclined bench. I walked out of the weight room and collapsed again. Somehow I made it home safe and ate something. Tonight was a lifting failure. In the context of all my training, ohhh I am in great shape and I will be asleep by 8:30.

Don't be weak. You will suffer, so lean into it and move through it onto greener pastures. Remember, manure makes the flower grow.

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