Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anyone Want to Go Out for Dinner Tonight?

It's valentines day, I'm single, I can count the single women close to my age and location I know on both hands (which means not many), and I would prefer not to spend the entire night home alone. If any lady would like to go out for dinner later, around 7 PM, I will pay for everything, including the wine and dessert. Of course, a free meal comes with strings, please be sociable and talk a little and it has to be within 30 miles of Dubuque. If I wanted to eat in silence I wouldn't write this.

I'm thinking Star Brewery or Pepper Sprout, because I've never been there, or perhaps sushi in Galena. I suppose it would depend on where we can get a table. The night will end on or before 9 PM because I have to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow to run.

If you are interested or have a friend, let me know.

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