Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Develop Excitement and Anticipation?

I don't really know. My best guess is talking about something that is going to happen. I'm working on a few things, small things, but very personal things that will expose me more than I have exposed in the past. Three are articles, one about the forestry industry, one about dating, and one about losing weight. They are all things that are emotional, factual, personal, and involved, or still involve, significant learning on my part. Another thing is a surprise. It has words, but it's not an article. It's very exciting for me and more adventurous than I have been in the past in one respect.

In other words, you may have to suffer through some shallow posts like this before you get the magnum opus articles. Why even bother writing this shallow piece? Well, if I get a few of you excited, I will get more excited. Positive energy spreads. I'm at the point in all of the articles that just a little positive motivation to get me to write a conclusion paragraph, edit them, and add anything I might have forgotten is all that needs to happen. I don't want these to turn into another project I do 90% and leave sit on my hard drive.

Yep it worked. Trying to get you excited got me excited. Another successful social experiment!

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