Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do Not Covet

It is a pretty simple concept, don't be wanting. This came up wednesday night and it struck home. I realized how often I have been desiring this or that lately.

Another factor is with the recent Papal events I have learned about Celestine V. Read or listen to more about him:

We can be so materialistic and self centered. Rather, I can be so materialistic and self centered that it gets in the way of helping people. What simple action item can I take away from this lesson? I already have plenty. Those things I want I do not need and thus will not buy. I accumulate far too much anyway.

In September 2010 after I repelled off a wall in Yosemite I called one of my climbing mentors. I told him of my failures and seeking advice. He told me, "If you aren't whole without it, you won't be whole with it." Referring to climbing this or that, but the concept is valid for a new iPad and car as much as a rock wall. Do not covet because if you do, in a practical sense, you will never be complete.0

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