Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 79

Another week, getting it done. Thus is life. This weekly summary has added an unusual aspect to my life. Now, for maybe 20 minutes, maybe an hour every week I write about my life and wether I am progressing or not. Just thinking about developing and progressing helps me to realize how I am developing and how I can develop better. It is an unintended consequence that, while frustrating week to week, I enjoy on the whole.

Engineering progressed well. I wrapped up a couple projects. That is always a good feeling when I have worked on a project for weeks or months and I submit the final report that we solved a problem. The business of Indonesia is also progressing. So, I leave in like three and a half days. That sounds soon.

Running went well. I took a day off. Something that I am typically reluctant to do, yet necessary for long term development. I have been battling this lower right leg ankle-shin-calf pain. I decided to take more initiative this week. I applied lemon grass oil nightly. I massaged it every night. Foam rolled it. Also, started several band exercises to strengthen my lower legs in general. I have found that often times an injury happens because the muscle is weak and strengthening that muscle through exercises, yes the injured muscle, makes it stronger and the pain go away. I ran one solid workout four miles total quality in around 21:40. Nothing great, but a good workout. Total mileage was 54.

Coaching went well. Every so often during a workout when I don't run with the athletes I stand there at the start and finish line with the stop watch, and it is great! I get to see how everyone is running not just a few people. Plus, I have more opportunity to cheer on everyone. Surprisingly, cheering for others is very rewarding. As rewarding as being cheered on? Tough question. It can go either way depending on the situation.

What else? Well, more about coaching. I did two 10-11 mile runs with two athletes (one each day). Both were on trails for at least part of the run. When there are only two people on a run the conversation usually goes deeper than runs with larger groups. It is nice for me to get to know the runners better.

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