Monday, October 8, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 77

All sorts of stuff happened this week. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to talk about it all yet. I will give you what I can now.

Work was interesting. After working on a project on and off for 11 months I am struggling to come up with creative and acceptable new ideas to apply. This is not terrible, it is just not ideal. It is frustrating in a very fulfilling way. In other words after wearing down four pitchers it turns out the fifth had a great day. If that makes any sense. I mean I must learn something to finish the project, I just have not learned what yet.

Running went decently. I have all of my runs still saved on my watch so I'm not sure if I ran 50 miles or 75. I did have a very nice 6.1 km tempo in 21 minutes. Which was a total surprise because I didn't feel that good at the start or halfway through. I did have a lot of lower right leg pain, but after some massage, an ice bath, and 20+ miles on grass and trails it seems to be 90% healed.

Coaching went well. We had a fantastic workout early in the week with about 800 meters nearly flat and 200 meters up a steep hill. It was tough! We also had a meet in Milwaukee Saturday. That was a mixed bag. There were some good performances. However there was some rather unprofessional preface conduct and less than inspiring races. This is how it goes I suppose. Lows to go with the highs.

Not much else happened this week. In bed around nine most nights. Very little blogging and I failed to do my laundry. It was a good week, I am simply tired out from doing everything I want to do.

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