Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Am Going to Indonesia!

Not only am I going, it is for business! Yes, that is right, my first overnight business trip is to Indonesia! After a year and a half working here and missed trips to Mississippi, Georgia, Wisconsin, Canada, and Brazil I get to go to Indonesia! Specifically, I will be going to the island of Sumatra. Not only do I get to spend most of a week on Sumatra out in the woods solving problems, due to the schedule of work and flights I will be spending about 30 hours in Singapore on the way there and 16 hours in Hong Kong on the way back!

Lest this is a vacation, they don't send engineers to the other side of the world unless there are problems. A couple of projects that I have worked on are directly applicable to this operation. Since this is my first opportunity like this I am especially concerned about performing well. I feel one benefit in my favor is that I have more travel experience in countries with relatively low infrastructure development than most Americans.

I leave on Friday, October 26th and return on Saturday November 3rd. That means I will miss the conference cross country meet for the team I coach and a half marathon I was planning to run. Those are the unfortunate opportunity costs of big opportunities.

I will of course share my experiences here, videos too. Although, as details of this trip are business related there are many things, significant to me professionally, that I will inevitably not share. Regardless, this is extraordinarly exciting! Let us hope I don't get eaten by a tiger while running!

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