Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 78

Well, this was an interesting week on several fronts. One big event has been brewing for some time now and I will have a big announcement on Tuesday. I still need to discuss it with a few people in person.

Work was good. Probably above average. I don't feel that my productivity was that great, but sometimes a few minutes of exceptional performance can make up for hours of triple bogey performance. (In golf that means you are not doing very well.) In other words, a hole in one is pretty cool. Not that anything I did this week remotely resembles a hole in one. We are simply solving problems and I am very excited for the future.

My running went very well. I ran 85 miles, although I feel like I cheated a little. I ran a 20 mile long run on Sunday then another one on Saturday. Two long runs in one week is a quick and easy way to pump up my mileage. I did not have any good workouts, but a few attempts or mediocre workouts is better than nothing. My next race is the Des Moines Half Marathon next Sunday, and I do not feel great going into it. My A goal is to run 1:09, my B goal is to PR. However, I have not had a workout that indicates that I am ready to run a 1:09 kind of race. Cumulatively my training has been going well and I have set personal records at 800 m, 5k, 10k, and the marathon since I last PR'd in the half, so it is hard for me to really say how good or bad of shape I am in. I could manage a 1:09 or perhaps a 1:12. I suppose we will find out next weekend. Although, I have run 1:12 several times and honestly, it seems pretty slow and easy to me.

Coaching was a mixed bag. I suppose it usually is, and it does make the good times sweeter. Although it is hard sometimes to look beyond the here and now to something even just a few weeks away. It is even harder to think about goals that are years away from happening. In short, our team is tripping over itself learning new things or discovering previously unknown things. I know for a fact that one of our athlete's injury has permanently had a positive effect on a number of the athletes.

What else happened this week? The Vice-Presidential debate, more cycling doping scandals were exposed, it was cold and rained a little.

Speaking of other things, have you forgot about DHT? Sometimes forgetting about owning stock in a company is the best way to make long term gains. Earning are scheduled to be released October 23rd. I am still very positive about it's medium term (1-5 year) prospects. Although, the price of crude oil has dropped in the last few weeks which could signal a slowdown in the tanker industry. (That also suggests that gas prices will come down in the next few weeks. Although dropping a few cents per gallon at the pump is not always perceptible.)

Reminder, I have a big announcement Tuesday!

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  1. Kinda on the edge of my seat as far as this announcement goes! haha


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